Open Days (and other great reasons to get outdoors)

There are plenty of opportunities where walking is the secondary activity.

Keep an eye out for Open Days, in both Parkes and nearby centres, or any event that requires you to move about.

Another great idea is to pitch in and volunteer. Pick carefully. Not much point if you are required to sit all day!

It’s a great way to get walking, while adding some extra delight to the experience.

A couple of recent examples:

CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope
Open Day

National Tree Day

Some other options:

  • Agricultural Shows have so much to see and it’s all scattered around a very large paddock – held each year at Tullamore, Trundle, Peak Hill and Parkes in August.
  • Busking competition in Peak Hill involves a fresh walk up and down the main street every time they change over the acts at each busking spot. Usually held in September.
  • Parkes Open Gardens is an opportunity to walk around other people’s gardens, and are usually held in October.
  • Parkes Swap Meet and Charity Show ‘n’ Shine Car Show occupies one of the sporting ovals, so a lot of walking to see everything on offer. Usually held in October.
  • Christmas Parade and Carnival – why not join in so you can walk the parade route!

Keep an eye on the Visit Parkes Events Calendar for other great possibilities.

Are there any other Open Days or Volunteering events we can add?