Nature Walks

Let your mind rest and recover amidst our Australian native flora and fauna.

Latest addition

Memorial Hill is a bush land setting in the middle of town. You can energetically ascend the slope or take the gentler path around the hillside.

Have you tried these yet?

The Eugowra Road Walking and Cycling Path runs from Harrison Park up to Henry Parkes Way. It passes a native woodland that is a delight for the senses.

The path beside Russell Street and Renshaw-McGirr Way sits at the edge of town and has a wonderful open feel.

PAC Park has been established as an urban wetland right in the centre of town.

The Peace Precinct and Arboretum sits at the base of Memorial Hill and is a contemplative oasis

Photo of a garden bed with carved artwork in Peace Precinct, with Arboretum pathway in the background, Memorial Hill, Parkes, NSW.
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