The Three Ovals Loop

This walk is for the energetic souls who embrace life’s steeper bits. The walk will take you around three of Parkes’ significant sporting ovals – Spicer, Pioneer and NorthParkes. The ovals themselves are, of course, quite flat but they nestle into the side of a hill.

A section of this walk forms part of the NorthParkes parkrun each Saturday morning, a free event open to all fitness levels.


The ovals are home to a variety of sporting codes and are often used for special events. They are now connected to the Recycled Water Main which will keep them green all year round.

The major highlight of this walk is the horizon. It’s impossible to feel hemmed in. On repeat visits, you will be able to follow the impact of the seasons on the lands around Parkes.

What do you think? Are the yellow railings to help cyclists or walkers scale the tight turn? Either way, they certainly let you know which direction to take.


Length: Approximately 2km

Time: Half an hour for some, perhaps three-quarters for others, depending on how quickly you ascend the steeper sections.

Type of path: Bitumen walking track and concrete footpath

Gradient: Steep in places

Best time of day: This walk will cherish late afternoons if there’s to be a wonderful sunset.

Nearest public toilets: Rotary Arboretum, at the base of Memorial Hill, on Bushman Street.


The walk starts and finishes at the Rotary Arboretum at the corner of East and Bushman Street.

(map to come)


Off-street parking is available at the Rotary Arboretum. To begin the walk, cross Bushman Street and head up the hill. You’ll see where the bitumen track heads off the left.

If we stay on the bitumen, we’d end up another hill behind the Water Treatment Plant. However, the plan is to loop around the ovals. For that route, we take the cement footpath that heads to the left after passing the third oval.

It’s mostly a series of left-hand turns from there, but there is a bit of dog leg in the return section below the ovals because Spicer Caravan Park juts out a bit. Just a step to the right before continuing straight on.

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