Stairs and Steps

This is a guide to finding stairs and steps for those who are after a little more grunt when out for a stroll.

If you’re used to stairwells in tall buildings, you’ll find these a little rough around the edges and a bit rustic. That’s part of their charm, and the unevenness will keep you focused!

Stairs at Pedestrian Bridge 2

Stair safety

The following tips are courtesy of the Mayo Clinic which has listed some exercises that can be done on stairs:

“Good balance is a must for any stair activity. Before starting any type of stair exercise, make sure you are steady on your feet. If you cannot stand on one leg for 45 seconds without holding onto something, you may not be able to safely do some of these exercises. Ask your doctor if stair exercises are safe for you.

“And last, put your phone down. Scrolling through social media or answering a text or call during a stair exercise could lead to a dangerous misstep and fall.”

Bushmans Hill

Tucked between a couple of houses on the Newell Highway is this entrance to Bushmans Hill. Parking is available across the road at Bushmans Dam. There is a concrete path leading up to the stairs, so your heart rate will be up before you get to them.

Stairs at Bushmans Hill

Railway Pedestrian Bridge

It’s showing it’s age but, if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing. There is parking near the railway station or behind McDonalds.

Stairs at Pedestrian Bridge 1

Memorial Hill

There are a number of stairways leading up to Memorial Hill.  There is a carpark at the base of the hill, off Bushman Street, as well as one at the top. The stairs are relatively new, but  remember that the tracks between them are for bush walking and may be uneven in places.

Stairs at Memorial Hill 2
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