Showground and Woodward Oval Loop

This walk takes you in on a figure eight around three of Parkes’ major sporting amenities – the trotting track, cricket field and tennis courts.

Showground Buildings 1


The walk features some interesting buildings ranging in size and character, with some dating back to the early 1900s and others constructed in the last 12 months.

There is no pavement surrounding these public spaces. This makes the walk feel like it is from an older time.


Length:  1.7km around the Showground, plus another 900m around Woodward Oval and the tennis courts

Time:  Estimating 30 to 40 minutes

Gradient:  There is a gentle gradient as you head north and north-west.

Type of path:  There are no concrete footpaths. Some sections have kerb and guttering that creates a sidewalk. In other places, there is a wide section to the side of the road that serves as a footpath.

Take care: Walking in Parkes does not recommend walking on the road surface. Older Australia’s will remember when there were no footpaths on most streets in country towns. It’s still the case in many places. Extra care is required is these sections.


The walk can start at any point along the figure eight. The best parking spots are probably near the tennis courts. There is some off-street parking at Woodward Oval.

(map to come)


For the figure eight, we can begin at the main gates to the showground and head up Ward Street. This takes advantage of the gentle gradient to get your heart rate up a bit.

The first half of the walk is a series of left-hand turns as we walk the perimeter of the showground.

Once you cross Victoria Street at the tennis courts, the second half of the walk becomes a series of right-hand turns. Keeping it balanced!

Image of Woodward Oval on Philip Street

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