Public Art Trail

The Council commissioned a local artist, Jac Clark, to create some artwork to place on walls throughout the CBD. In 2019, Council added to the offerings.

Originally, it only took about 8 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Now, its a bit longer with some interesting diversions along the way.

During 2020, there’s been a lot of building work in the area. This has impacted on the availability and location of some pieces. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty to see.

How about slowing it down?  Take a good look at the details you might usually miss – colour combinations, textural contrasts, the quirky and the beautiful – and not just on the artworks!

It’s an exercise for the creative mind, and you don’t need a creative mind to begin.

Share your public art photos: #VisitParkes  #StreetArt

Sheep with window reflections


Length:  Approximately 2km return

Time:  About 26 minutes. But how slow can you go?

Type of path: Footpath, paving and concrete.

Gradient: Flat

Take care: A small section of this walk includes a laneway and carpark where there are no designated walkways.

Nearest public toilets: Corner of Clarinda and Church streets, and also in Cooke Park.


(map to come)


The walk begins at the corner of Clarinda and Bushman streets. There’s usually plenty of parking spots in this area.

Head south along Clarinda Street. It doesn’t matter which side you start as you will probably cross the street a number of times when something catches your eye.

Keep a look out for the artworks. Some weren’t commissioned; some are are hidden (in plain sight!)

The public art trail originally ended at the mural near Cooke Park. Now there’s much more to see.

Half a block further is the must-see Elvis statue.

Enjoy a brief rest in the park and then pop across to Welcome Street. Can you find the Elvis Plus Sign on the motel wall or is it now hidden (temporarily) by the construction site?

As you head north along Welcome Street, look for the next installation at the Post Office. Down the side of the building (where the post boxes are) is another wall art gallery. What do you think of the lower placement of the panels and the different lighting effects you get as you walk along the corridor?

Then, as you come through the other side, look across to the library for the wire art sculptures that greet our book lovers. Loving the emu chicks.

Finally, turn back towards Welcome Street and walk up through the car park for more wall art.

Once you get back onto Clarinda Street, it’s time to walk back to your car, but don’t think the experience is over …

… what did you see on the return journey that you missed first time round?

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