Peace Precinct and Arboretum

This contemplative walk was established in 2017 by the local Rotary Club. It can be a walk on its own or the finishing stage of a more vigorous walk on one of the other Memorial Hill trails.

The walk is made up of two distinct sections. There is the grassed area of the Peace Precinct, with solid tree trunks carved into artworks. Nearby, there is the bush setting of the Arboretum with a path winding and circling through the plantings.


In the Peace Precinct, the five carved pillars (also called Dendroglyphs) display plaques containing words and phrases that the artists believe are intrinsic milestones on the road to achieving peace.

Reflection Panel at Peace Precinct

In the Arboretum, there is a spectacular play of light through the trees and shrubs, but only if you take the walk during the morning.

Arboretum Tree Tops


Length:  The area is not large. The length of your walk depends on which path you decide to take and how you choose to move through the area.

Time:  Even a small amount of time breathing deeply and slowing down is beneficial.

Type of path:  Uneven. There is no designated path in the grassed Peace Precinct. The winding path through the Aboretum is a natural surface, and there may be the occasional small fallen branch. Care should be taken.

Gradient:  Very slight.

Best time of day:  During the morning because the sun is in the east. Once the sun starts setting, the area is in full shade.

Public toilets:  At the base of Memorial Hill, on the other side of the playground.


This walk is located at the corner of Bushman and East streets, Parkes

(map to come)


The natural starting point seems to be Bushman Street where the playground, barbeque and shelters are located. However, you can also start from East Street.

Flexibility is the key, with no right or wrong way to move through the area. Each possible path will have it’s own impact.

For example, when starting at the East Street entrance, the walker first moves through the Peace Precinct and then wanders through the enclosed space of the Arboretum. The return journey back across the grass and down to East Street presents the walker with an expansive view across to the horizon as a finishing exclamation mark to the experience!

Exiting at East Street

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