PAC Park

This walk runs alongside an urban wetland that sits between a light industrial area and the town’s main railway tracks.

It is a walk of contrasts, from the extensive reed beds at one end to the water-wise garden at the other. There are sections where the trees tower over you, and sections that open out either side.


The bird life! The wetlands have become a habitat for a variety of species.

Example information panel PAC Park


Length:  2km return

Time:  Approximately 20 minutes

Type of path:  Paved mostly, with a small section of gravel as you loop through the water-wise garden.

Gradient:  Undulating. Slight gradient in places but a very easy walk.

Public toilets: None yet in PAC Park (I believe they are planned). The nearest are across the railway line in Cooke Park. There are toilets in nearby commercial premises: BP, McDonalds and KFC.


(to come)


There is plenty of space to park on East Street. If you start at this end of the park there are numerous information panels to help you get your bearings and find out what to look out for on your walk.

Information panels PAC Park

It’s a very straightforward walk, no twists or turns, but ample opportunity for a flyby with birds darting in and out of the trees and reeds (all a bit to quick for a photo!).

Walking path PAC Park
View to the silos PAC Park

Across the pedestrian bridge, there is a water-wise garden. This is the furthermost point of the walk, and the place to loop through the plantings and return back across the bridge.

Waterwise Garden PAC Park
Pedestrian Bridge PAC Park

Why not schedule your walk just before a meal and enjoy a picnic or barbecue at the new amenities installed at the East Street end!

BBQ facilities and playground PAC Park

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