Orange Botanic Gardens

This walk is recommended as a seasonal excursion. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a botanic garden, both natives and exotics, across each of the four seasons.

The Orange Botanic Gardens is open daily from 7:30am until dusk. Admission is free.

Orange is about 100km east of Parkes, about 1 hour 15 minutes drive.

Entrance Orange Botanic Gardens


With at least 23 different gardens and features (that’s how many are listed in the brochure), there are plenty of opportunities to be stopped in you in your tracks for a “Wow” moment.

Not listed, and very unexpected, was the emu wandering across the open grassland but I cannot guarantee this appearance for every visitor. Be open for the unexpected.

Conifers Orange Botanic Garden


Length: As with any well designed botanic garden, there are various combinations of paths you can take. The overall area is not huge, just 17 hectares. Its possible to travel every path in a couple of hours.

Type of path: Combination of paved and gravel.

Gradient: The site is undulating, and is described as ‘gently sloping’.

Nearest public toilets: There are two public toilets. One is near the entrance of the children’s playground. The other is not too far from the main entrance of the Gardens.

Main Path Orange Botanic Gardens


The Orange Botanic Gardens is located on the corner of the Northern Distributor and Hill Street. Off street parking is available.

There is a large map at the front entrance, but paper copies may not be available on the day of your visit. You can download one.


There are two options for this type of walk.

You could have a look at the map and decide which gardens you really want to see. You might prefer roses to conifers, or orchards to cedar trees. Then map your route to ensure you see those things.

Or you could just start walking and take it all in.

Eucylaptus Path Orange Botanic Gardens
Garden Path Orange Botanic Gardens
Boardwalk Reed Bed Orange Botanic Gardens

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