Open Days – Walking with other intentions

There’s a variety of open days and outings on offer scattered throughout the year where walking is essential. They are a great way to couple a bit of exercise with a range of other experiences!

Some of these walks are regulars on the town’s event calendar and some come up quite randomly … usually because of some anniversary or other.

Never let one pass by without embarking on a few steps (unless the weather is atrocious).

The movement restrictions in place during 2020 have impacted the number of open day events available this year. Hopefully, things will be improved as the year progresses and especially in 2021.

The Regulars

Open Gardens and Open Houses

The Parkes Que Club Inc organises the local open gardens and open houses as fundraising events. In both cases, you will need a vehicle to travel between each site, but once you’ve arrived there are plenty of opportunities to stroll around some beautiful locations.

Fetes, Fairs and Agricultural Shows

The list feels endless. How about a new year’s resolution for 2021 to attend every single fete, fair and ag show in the Parkes Shire!

National Parks

The Lachlan Valley Branch of the National Parkes Association of NSW organise regular bush walks. The walks vary in difficulty.

National Tree Day

Usually organised by the local Landcarers and Parkes Shire Council, for the last few years they’ve been planting along a corridor with the aim of joining up existing stands of native bush land.

Show ‘n’ Shine and Swap Meet

The car show and swap meet are fundraising activities held once a year at a local sporting oval. Plenty to see and do, while getting the steps up and helping local charities.

And then there’s the Ad Hocs

Looking back, the big one for 2019 was the open day at the CSIRO Observatory, the Parkes Radio Telescope.

Check out this blog post with some great pictures from the day:

Are there any other events we can list here? Let us know.

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