Eugowra Road Walking and Cycling Path

This walk is a lovely combination of open parkland and native woodland. It runs alongside Eugowra Road, but not too close; sometimes you don’t even notice.


The highlight of this walk is the native woodland. It’s up-close access to beautiful old trees, a variety of native shrubs and delightful bird life.

At one end of the walk, there are the open vistas of Harrison Park. If walking on the weekend, you might catch a few local sporting teams at play.

At the other end, the local council is establishing a new public garden. The area had been excavated when the recycled water main was laid. It was a great opportunity to set up a new public garden where previously cars for private sale had been an eyesore. Regular walkers will be able to watch the gardens develop.


Length: The walking track is a return distance of approximately 1.5km.

Time: Approximately 20 minutes. If you include a walk around each of the fields at Harrison Park, you can extend your walk by another 20 minutes.

Type of path: The walking track is paved. There is no formal path around the sporting fields.

Gradient: Slight gradient, with some undulation.

Nearest public toilets: During the week, the nearest public toilets are at Lions Park, on Henry Parkes Way. You have to cross a busy road to get to them. On the weekend, if sporting fixtures are being held at Harrison Park, the amenities will be open there as well.

Take care: If extending the walk to the north, you have to cross Henry Parkes Way. This is a major transport thoroughfare. Waking in Parkes won’t cross at the main intersection of Eugowra Road and Henry Parkes Way. Instead, we walk up the road towards town and cross where it’s safe.

And a final note: All sporting fields in Parkes are watered with recycled water. If you see any sprinklers on, please don’t drink from them.


The walk starts at Harrison Park, on the corner of Eugowra Road and Nash Street.

(to come)


There’s plenty of off-street parking at Harrison Park, although it can get a bit busy on the weekends.

The walking track heads north on the sporting side of Eugowra Road. Its a very straight-foward walk up to Henry Parkes Way. Bear in mind that we are sharing the path with cyclists.

At the northern most point, at the Elvis billboard, we must decide what we’ll do next. Across the road at Lions Memorial Park, we can stretch some muscles on the outdoor exercise equipment. We can extend our walk north along Russell Street and Renshaw-McGirr Way. Or we can turnaround and head back to Harrison Park.

The return to Harrison Park is like being on a different walk. The sun is in a different position. The play of light and shadow is different. We’ll see things we didn’t notice on the way up.

Back at Harrison, if you’re feeling up to it and if the Grounds Open sign is displayed, we can walk around the fields. We’ll have to walk inside the fence line, but bear in mind that the ground might be uneven or damp.

There’s also an interesting side trip we can take down to the creek. Head south along Eugowra Road. For many years the creek was called (and still is by some) Billabong Creek, but the sign now says Goobang Creek. The trees are older here, and mighty. In fact, its a spectacular contrast next to the manicured sporting fields and the much younger bush land we’ve just walk through.

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Useful references

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