Extreme heatwave conditions

So much was planned for the Christmas to New Year break! Even walking off some of the over-indulgence of Christmas Day has to be postponed because of the weather. Walking is still possible but should be confined to the very early hours of the day. Unfortunately, those early hours are the ideal time to openContinue reading “Extreme heatwave conditions”

Country towns are NOT usually walkable

We’ve often heard about walking being good for our health and well-being. Apparently, it’s also good for the economy. That surprised me because I assumed that buying and servicing a car would add more to the economy than my occasional pair of worn out shoes. It seems that increasing the walkability of an area addsContinue reading “Country towns are NOT usually walkable”

Soundwalks – for when you can’t get out?

An interesting article popped up on the ABC Life feed, introducing Soundwalks for kids. They are kinda meditative, and if you can cope with the narration then they could be fun for adults as well. My favourite so far is the waterfalls! Although the abrupt ending is a bit awkward. There’s 10 in total, fromContinue reading “Soundwalks – for when you can’t get out?”

A walk in nature can be good for …

Sometimes, you come across an inspiring article that stays with you. Today I read one on the ABC website about walking. There are also a few links in the article to other great reads. I cannot imagine myself walking for a full day, let alone for four full days in a row. Yet, I’m intriguedContinue reading “A walk in nature can be good for …”