Bushman Street

This walk is a great way to build your walking stamina.

Start at the Dalton Street end and follow Bushman Street up towards Memorial Hill. On the first day, just go as far as you’re comfortable, turn around and walk back to your car. Next time, go a little further before turning around. Gradually, you’ll find yourself tackling the steeper slopes and looking back in wonder at how much you have achieved.


There’s a lot of variety along Bushman Street. It includes residential, shopping, light industrial, school zones and, ultimately, one of Parkes’ best parks.

The walk also includes wonderful old buildings, with some beautifully restored and others reminding us that this is the older part of town.

The Ambulance Station ….

The Ikon Gracelands function centre was the birthplace of the Parkes Elvis Festival back in 1993.


Length: 1.8km

Time: One way – around 30 minutes. Return – around 1 hour.

Type of path: Paved footpath

Gradient: Steep in places.

Take care: The walk crosses the main north-south transport link, the Newell Highway (aka Bogan Street).

Best time of day: About an hour before sunset. You will have the sun at your back on the ascent and the sunset to guide you back down to Dalton Street.

Nearest public toilets: There are public toilets at the top of Bushman Street at the Rotary Arboretum. There are also toilets in the Woolworth’s shopping mall near the intersection with Clarinda Street.

Extending the experience

At the top of Bushman Street, you can turn either left or right to extend your walk.

To the left, you join the walking path that heads across the top of Spicer, Pioneer and NorthParkes ovals and then down towards the water treatment plant.

To the right, you can wander through the Rotary Arboretum and Peace Park, or stretch those legs even further by ascending Memorial Hill.

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