Another Heatwave

It’s Spring and the Summer heat is baking. Time again to walk in time with the weather.

Early morning is coolest, with the night air having sent the heat on its way.

Some days, an evening walk is still an option, particularly if a cool change has wafted through during the afternoon.

This timing has it’s advantages. Sunrises and sunsets can be a photographers delight. It’s great light for taking photographs.

The Impact of Apollo

A lot’s happening along the main street and around the CBD, all because it’s the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The local council has been adding to the public art on offer, a few temporary installations just for the weekend as well as extensions to the outdoor galleries of wall art.

Time to hit the public art trail and update Walking in Parkes.

The most important update to note is the extension of the walk. Originally, it was only three blocks along the main street. Up and back. Now you have to scoot around the park and back up Welcome Street to ensure you see everything.

You even need to take a small detour down the side of the post office and across to the rear of the library. It’s turning into a decent walk.

Walking to Work in Winter

It’s been on my mind for a very long time, but I can always think of a reason not to walk to work.

Then, on Sunday night it rained, and I knew it would create a boggy mess at the end of the driveway. I could drive through it. I have before, but I shouldn’t.

I drifted off to sleep, making plans to walk in the rain.

I did walk. It didn’t rain. But it didn’t look particularly inviting either.

So out of practice, I forgot gloves.

The following morning, a gorgeous fog settled, and this time I eagerly headed out on foot. I love walking in fog. It makes everything a little more interesting.

I forgot my glasses.

Thursday was my the third walk to work that week, and there was bright blue sky. So common these days, I didn’t think to grab an image for this post.

I could get use to this again. It’s been a few year’s since I’ve walked regularly to work, and it’s only a 20 minute stroll along some excellent footpaths.

But it was important to ease into it. Remember: Build up gradually.

If you’ve been inactive for some time (like I’ve been over that stinking hot summer), start at a level that you can manage easily and gradually build up.


Cardio Classics

Do you walk to an accompaniment?

It might be the gleeful chatter of a friend, or a meaningful podcast, or just whatever is playing at that moment on the radio.

Another option worth a try is a musical soundtrack designed specifically for exercise.

I purchased just such a CD some years ago – Cardio Classics Orchestral Workout. It’s now available as a double-CD pack, to extend the variety you can use to soundtrack your walk.

The music on this CD has good pace, while being expansive and encouraging ,,, something you want to move to.

Cover image for Cardio Classics box CD set

I like that they are instrumental pieces, which ensures my walking time is still thinking time. What do you think: Does an orchestral backdrop to one’s thoughts makes them feel more cinematic?

But remember, it should be what you need from this 10, or 30, or 60 minutes of time to yourself – be it music, podcast, friendship or just quiet alone time!