CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day

Open Days are a great way to get walking AND value-add to your experience! Check out this blog post from the recent open day at the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope …

Cherrie Zell

I’m old enough to be one of the “We called it the telescope” brigade. It was a little confusing to this little girl because it didn’t look like other telescopes.

This weekend, the CSIRO held an open day at their Parkes Radio Telescope. Mum and I headed out as early as we could but still had to stand in a long line for tickets. It was a free event and the ticket booth didn’t have to stay open long before they were all gone.

It was a 20 minute tour, with only 14 people per group, and it looked like there were only 3 groups within the perimeter at any time. They really couldn’t put any more people through AND keep it safe. It is still a working observatory.

We had 2 hours to wait until our 11:15 time slot.

Plenty of time to wander around and take a few…

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