Set yourself a challenge

Photo of a section of the Federation Arch sculpture at Orange Botanic Gardens, NSW.

How many times have you been encouraged to set yourself a challenge? Any sort of challenge? Eat better! Exercise more! Read the Iliad!

Today is our first day of significant heat for the season, with an estimated max of 27 degrees C. It’s time to prepare for summer.

So today, I’m going to add to that growing list of challenges. Here are my tips.

Go for quirky

Not the heading you were expecting? My social feed has been filling up with charity walking events that people do solo or with family. “25 kilometers in 5 days”. That sort of thing. That’s kind of quirky.

Another quirky idea requires a slightly longer term plan. Why not try selecting three locations that you can revisit every season? That’s one major outing each month of the year.

What can you think of that’s a bit offbeat?

Timing is everything

You’ll have noticed that each of those suggestions involves a time frame. Mark it on your calender. Set an alarm on your phone.

Plan ahead

Know what you need to make it happen. Water bottle and walking shoes by the front door. Picnic basket in your knapsack. A knapsack.

Understand the weather

Download the Bureau of Meteorology app to your phone, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to take your phone with you.

When I want to add a new walk to this site, I keep an eye on both the temperature and wind speed. Not too hot, so I can think clearly. Not too windy, so the trees and grasses stay still in the photos.

Find a sound track

Everything significant in life should have a sound track. Pick one for this challenge and use it to get you motivated and keep you interested.

What will you pick? Jazz! Classical! Or a bit of goth rock?!!

Happy walking your way up to that next level.

Photo of a section of the Federation Arch sculpture at Orange Botanic Gardens, NSW.

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