Site revamp

Every now and then, a website starts to feel stale and the only option is a redesign.

Motivation was one of the reasons for starting the website, and clearly that motivation had declined because I was not walking regularly, not exploring new paths, not taking lots of photos and not adding anything to Walking in Parkes.

Plus, I’v never been happy with the photos used on this site. Composition was OK, but technically they felt very unprofessional. Not the quality I was aiming for.

Something had to change.

With no classes for two weeks, and no rain in the weather forecast, it seemed the ideal time to make those changes.

I’m delighted to report that Walking in Parkes now has a brighter look. Much of the success is thanks to the continual improvements WordPress is making to the flexibility it offers website developers.

The other breakthough was discovering how to improve the technical quality of photos taken on my phone, thanks to a google search and a helpful website.

The task now is to update each of the walks. Some have been completed, but there are still a few to do. It means revisiting each walk and taking a new set of photos, while finding new paths to add.

Spring cleaning really makes it feel like Spring has arrived.

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