Is walking still allowed?

We are not in lock down. So, technically, if not told to self-isolate or quarantine, we are able to walk. But should we?

In this context, the idea of a solitary walk would seem to fit with the current rules of social distancing. That’s what I thought, until this morning.

It was a glorious sunrise. The chap who overtook me on the stairs even said so.

I noticed him in the corner of my eye. He was going to head up the narrow path I was already on. I knew I couldn’t match his pace. The required distancing was going to be impossible.

This is why staying at home is being repeatedly recommended. It’s just too risky.

I paused at an opportune spot, posed as if I was taking in the view and ensured I turned on that spot while he passed by, thereby keeping my back to him when he insisted on saying hello. I politely replied, but not to his face. Thankfully, he didn’t stop.

The path was not wide enough and he not thoughtful enough.

The lesson is in the location. I have no control over how thoughtful people will be, but I can ensure I only step onto paths wide enough for us to mind the gap.

If these restrictions are to continue for some months, without an actual lock down, perhaps we should plan options for walking that ensure everyone’s health, safety and well being. Parkes has plenty of wide footpaths. Let’s stick to them.

If we can manage it in supermarkets, we should be able to manage it on a walking track.

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