Cardio Classics

Do you walk to an accompaniment?

It might be the gleeful chatter of a friend, or a meaningful podcast, or just whatever is playing at that moment on the radio.

Another option worth a try is a musical soundtrack designed specifically for exercise.

I purchased just such a CD some years ago – Cardio Classics Orchestral Workout. It’s now available as a double-CD pack, to extend the variety you can use to soundtrack your walk.

The music on this CD has good pace, while being expansive and encouraging ,,, something you want to move to.

Cover image for Cardio Classics box CD set

I like that they are instrumental pieces, which ensures my walking time is still thinking time. What do you think: Does an orchestral backdrop to one’s thoughts makes them feel more cinematic?

But remember, it should be what you need from this 10, or 30, or 60 minutes of time to yourself – be it music, podcast, friendship or just quiet alone time!

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