Getting back into it

So, it’s been a while since you step out for a walk. I confess it’s been a while since I have.

Summer was just too hot for me. I saw others out pounding the pavement. Sure, the mornings were cool enough but that was when I needed to open my house up to let that cooler air in, give it a chance to breath and adjust to the summer heatwaves.

Getting back into walking required some gentle persuasion in the form of new shoes. If you don’t need new shoes, treat yourself to something that will add some psychological zing to the event.

Getting back into it required a small start. The blocks around here are a reasonable size, not too big, not too small. One circumvention this morning did the trick.

Getting back into it required an early morning start, under the cover of darkness, but I nevertheless passed four others; one had a light strapped to his forehead as he ran down the middle of the road.

Using the middle of the road is not recommended but I understand why he did it. I find the camber on some streets here to be very steep. My new shoes don’t have enough support for my naturally rolled feet, which made the camber even more of a problem. It was onto the verge whenever the trees allowed.

I took the phone, because one always takes the phone these days, but didn’t expect to be taking any photos. Couldn’t help myself, wondering how it would cope with the conditions.

Interestingly, even some stars were bright enough to capture.

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