Extreme heatwave conditions

Inforgraphic showing an example of a heatwave pattern overlaid on a map of Australia.
Example of a heatwave map. Check BOM site for up-to-date forecasts.

So much was planned for the Christmas to New Year break! Even walking off some of the over-indulgence of Christmas Day has to be postponed because of the weather.

Walking is still possible but should be confined to the very early hours of the day. Unfortunately, those early hours are the ideal time to open up the house and blow away the build up of yesterday’s heat, particularly for those of us with insufficient air conditioning for the conditions.

This has impacted Walking in Parkes. The plan was to add a new walk every day when there were no obligations (like work) to keep me inside. Unfortunately, the very early hours of the day aren’t great for photographs. The lovely warm glow of morning light is recommended by top-notch photographers, but the long shadows are a problem. They often get in the way.

If you do walk, have a plan. What will you do if the temperature rises quicker than you anticipated?

Download the Bureau of Meteorology’s phone app.

Check out the NSW Health website for tips on beating the heat:

NSW Health Beat the Heat

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