A bit of bling along the main street

Photo of blue and white Christmas light installation in trees at the town square, Parkes, NSW.

It’s December, which means the Christmas lights are appearing around town. This includes the main street where once again there are some extra lights and projections to delight the child in everyone.

Much like the Public Art Trail, you  can start at the corner of Bushman and Clarinda streets and walk down to Cooke Park. But wait till the sun goes down for the best effect.

The projections will be on display until just after Christmas. Then they will start switching over for the Elvis Festival.

A few of snaps from my phone … not all the lights installations are shown below because they are better experienced than photographed!

Clock Towner Sparkles 2018 Parkes NSWA
Church St Roundabout Sparkles 2018 Parkes NSW
Spacewoman's Gift Sparkles 2018 Parkes NSW

The trees in Cooke Park are intriguing

Initially, I wasn’t impressed because from a distance they all seemed very alike.

BUT … get up close to each one and it’s a different story. In fact, each is a different story.

I’ll have to go back and get more photos as there’s potential for some really interesting images.

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