A walk through the art

Photo of black and white artwork on bank window showing sheep in a field with the reflection of shops from across the street.

We walk for all sorts of reasons. There’s a trend lately for mindful walking, where heart rate is not the primary focus.

It’s about walking slowly through the natural environment. In contrast, for this walk, I headed mindfully down the main street. Granted, there are trees and shrubs along the way, but they weren’t my primary focus.

I took the Public Art Trail, established by the local Council back in 2016. It’s quite a short walk, about 8 minutes from end to end. I took it slow. Sunday Morning Slow.

Actually, I chose Sunday morning to avoid as many people as possible.

The aim was look closely at the colours and textures that grabbed my eye along the way.  I was looking for the quirky and the beautiful to capture in a photo.

Eight minutes became … who knows, I lost track. And this is a sample of what I found:

Upturned chairs with window reflections
Paper flowers with window reflections
Notice in reverse
Newspapers with window reflections
Door detail
Blue window display

Of the commissioned art, Literacy is my favourite. But she is difficult to photograph. A local real estate agent has plonked a For Sale sign right next to her. During the week, there are cars parked all around. I settled for a broken up view …

Literacy public art work
Literacy public art work detail

Art is for enjoyment and, if we want to be a bit adventurous, for interpretation.

I’m up for a bit of adventure. So here goes:

Literacy, where it is currently placed, speaks to me of the future of our children as they take their place upon the foundation of the past, be it books or buildings.

How will we manage that foundation, what will they see in our attitudes towards it, and how will we ensure they all have access to the lessons society has already learnt?

Oh, my. Maybe a bit much for a Sunday morning!

Find Out More About This Walk

Go to our Public Art Trail page for details on how to find this walk

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