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This site is for locals and visitors alike who love walking (or need to find a love for walking). The aim is to progressively add interesting walks that will encourage us to enjoy all that the region has to offer.

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Bushman Street

An opportunity to build your walking stamina.

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Seven walks added to Walking in Parkes already.  Then there’ll be eight, nine, ten … they will need organising.

The walks are grouped under four categories:

Plus some ideas for getting active:


Organised Walk – Landcare Walk and Wellness Morning

I haven’t seen many organised walks around town. There are always a few people walking together, but rarely an event publicised as open to the public. So when one comes along, it’s time to get on-board. When: Saturday 12 October, starting at 8am. Where: Starts at Cooke Park near the Elvis statue. The local Landcare …

CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day

Originally posted on Cherrie Zell:
I’m old enough to be one of the “We called it the telescope” brigade. It was a little confusing to this little girl because it didn’t look like other telescopes. This weekend, the CSIRO held an open day at their Parkes Radio Telescope. Mum and I headed out as early…

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